The Dream Seeker

JAZZ MAN in the Pocket

Vietnam convinced him to live life was one day at a day. No dreaming of tomorrow, just survive today.  Fantasying about tomorrow, expecting dreams to be some road map to navigate through life, was a waste of time. This was the world for Dylan Steward, talented reporter, and an equally talented musician. His wife, Willow, was polar opposite. A child of the “Flower Power” generation of the 60s, for  her the purpose of life was to dream, to fantasies about “What if?”, to see the world not for what it was, but how to make it better. Her dream was to have children. They would be her instrument of change, to make the world a better place. At days end, Dylan often lost himself playing jazz on his Gibson or doing small gigs in San Francisco on weekends. This was his true passion and Willow knew he should follow it. A job as a reporter on the LA Times would bring tragedy for one and fulfillment for another. Dylan’s career as a report at the LA Times blossomed. His boss, Jimmy Donovan, loved him. He made a few friends, the most intriguing being a crippled old black man, Willis Carpenter, who sold magazines in the lobby. A small jazz club in Venice Beach served to feed Steward’s hidden passion. With Willow pregnant, their world seemed idyllic.  One day it all changed. A careless move by an obstetric nurse during an examination caused Willow Steward to hemorrhage and die. Dylan’s life spiraled out of control. Alcohol became his refuse. Jimmy Donovan was on the verge to firing him. A savior appeared in the unlikely personage of Willis Carpenter, the black man who sold magazines at the Times. Donovan knew this was his last chance to save Steward’s job and his life. Steward found himself traveling to France to interview Willis Carpenter and a woman name Anastasie Bouchet. There outside Bordeaux, France, Dylan Steward would learn the power of dreams to overcome the impossible, to make the unbearable bearable, and that a life without dreams is really no life at all. 

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The Dream Seeker follows Mr. Sullivan’s emotionally charged Forgotten Flowers trilogy, as seen below.

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Forgotten Flowers

A Novel of Redemption and Second Love

Book #1 of the Forgotten Flowers Series

Forgotten Flowers is an emotional saga of people we should not forget even as they forget us. One man, Daniel Kilgore, volunteers with three residents at Magnolia Gardens, an assisted living facility in Charleston, South Carolina. The ravages of dementia have left precious little of the minds of Sandra Cotton, Mary Hillman, and Delores Samuel, once vibrant and alive. Kilgore hopes that the time he spends with his friends, as he calls the ladies, will help him deal with his own private hell at home.

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The Journey Home

Book #2 in the Forgotten Flower Series

“The Journey Home” Part II of the trilogy, “Forgotten Flowers” Madeline Orsini had retired as Executive Director of Magnolia Gardens, an exclusive assisted living facility in Charleston, South Carolina. Her life’s dream of a husband and children long ago crushed by a savage assault, Madeline had resigned herself to a life of solitary contemplation of what might have been. However, a seemingly inconsequential project conceived by Jane Lincoln, Madeline’s replacement, to construct family trees for residents of Magnolia Gardens would uncover her painful past and reunite her with a dream.

For Jane Lincoln, Magnolia Gardens and its residents had become the home and family she had never had. When she and Daniel Kilgore married, there were supposed to be no secrets between the two. For several years, no need existed for either to reveal the hidden truth. However, with Jane’s emerging desire to have children and Daniel’s determination to never again experience the excruciating pain of losing a child, their marriage was on the precipice of ending. The Family Day Celebration at Magnolia Gardens would result in an epiphany for Daniel Kilgore and the realization of a life’ dream for his wife, Jane.

Their euphoric life would last a mere three months, when an unspeakably horrific accident would bring Jane home to Magnolia Gardens and ironically provide Madeline with the second part of her life’s dream.

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The Journey's End

Book #3 in the Forgotten Flower Series

Eddy Pinafore loathed the word. If it had a human form, he would have killed it without a second thought. Dementia had no human form. Eddy Pinafore could only stand helplessly by as the heinous disease ate away the mind of his precious wife, Maddy. Maddy became increasingly dependent on Eddy for the basic needs, feeding, dressing, bathing. He found he loved her with more passion, more tenderness than he thought possible. He knew he had to find a place where Maddy could get the care she needed. He hoped Magnolia Gardens was the answer.
Eddy’s daughter, Tina, had her own burden. The father of her special needs child Missy, Trevor Barrington, had rejected any parental responsibility for the child with physical and mental impairments. A chance encounter with a young police officer, Ryan Callahan, sparked hidden feelings in both. Tina feared he would shy away from her because of Missy. Ironically, his job would solve one dilemma and his heart would answer the other.