Teacher • officer • author

Michael J. Sullivan

Mike Sullivan and his wife Ginny reside in Sonora, California. Their blended family has four children and seven grandchildren. Mike was born on May 1, 1945. He graduated from Saint Mary’s College, Moraga, California in 1968 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In 1969, Mike enlisted in the US Army. Following his discharge in 1971, Mike pursed his teaching credential at San Francisco State University.

“I taught in public schools for three years and then another five as a special education teacher at the Stockton Development Center in Stockton, California before finding my niche as a teacher in the State Prison System at Sierra Conservation Center, Jamestown, California. After five years in the classroom, I spent four years as a correctional officer, and then returned to the education program at Sierra Conservation Center. Eventually, I promoted to Associate Warden and retired from the Department in August of 2007.

Keith Keller

“In 2011, I told my wife I thought I’d like to try writing a novel, which was tantamount to someone who’s never seen a hammer and saw saying they wanted to build their own home. I had this small kernel of an idea and thought it might be fun to weave it into a novel. I drew heavily on my prison experiences and violating every rule of creative writing known to mankind. If only I could apologize to my high school English teachers for spending more time checking my eyelids for holes than listening to them. A year later “The Letters II” was finished. By the time Outskirts Press published the book in 2012, I realized how much I enjoyed writing. I found an exhilaration in creating a plot, empowering characters with emotions, and learning to use descriptive language to bring those characters to life. I knew I would never become a better writer without help so in 2013, I joined The Sonora Writers Group, an eclectic group of people who loved to write. We meet monthly to critique and help members with their writings. I also pursed several friends to review my efforts to see where I could improve. There is a progressive improvement in each novel I’ve written, and the credits goes to those who have applied their critical eyes to my writings. The journey continues as my newest work, “A Bridge Across Time” is in the hands of my publisher at this time.”