The Dream Seeker

JAZZ MAN in the Pocket


What People Are Saying


Forgotten Flowers

Dementia stole their memories. We should not forget them even as they forget us.  Magnolia Gardens offered a chance for redemption to some and second love to others.

The Journey Home

Lost lovers are reunited. The fulfilment of one woman’s dream comes at a tragic cost. 
 Magnolia Gardens receives yet fractured soul in need of care and compassion.

The Journey's End

He became a stranger to his wife as dementia ravaged her memory. He would care for her until he no longer could. Magnolia Gardens would reunite two old friends.
About Michael J. Sullivan

Evolution of a Writer

Mike Sullivan and his wife Ginny reside in Sonora, California. Their blended family has four children and seven grandchildren. Mike was born on May 1, 1945. He graduated from Saint Mary’s College, Moraga, California in 1968 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In 1969, Mike enlisted in the US Army. Following his discharge in 1971, Mike pursed his teaching credential at San Francisco State University.

“I taught in public schools for three years and then another five as a special education teacher at the Stockton Development Center in Stockton, California before finding my niche as a teacher in the State Prison System at Sierra Conservation Center, Jamestown, California. After five years in the classroom, I spent four years as a correctional officer…

Other Michael J. Sullivan Books...

The Dream Seeker

Dylan Steward is a young man who has elected to live the safe life of a newspaper reporter—a life without risks or danger—while ignoring his true passion. Although he is quite successful in his writing career, the tragic death of his beautiful wife leaves his life vacant and pointless. Carrying his feelings of desperation and loss over into his work, his writing career is soon headed to the trash bin. But ironically, a special assignment leads him to pursue an old dream as a jazz musician, where he finally realizes his true meaning in life. The repercussions of this job assignment change both Dylan’s and his employer’s lives forever.

The Dream Seeker follows Mr. Sullivan’s emotionally charged Forgotten Flowers trilogy.